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I’d met the broken-legged man with woodshop eyes and wicker fan
On Merrycourt Avenue on a summer’s day in the snowing spring
He was silent as the grave and quite thin and very wan
With bottle fingers and the broken crown of a fallen king
My scarf was wrapped round my neck like the snake upon the apple tree
Tightening its grasp with every step, every ragged breath I took
And as the single-person crowd dispersed it was only him and only me
I flew hither-thither like a raven without reliable rook
“Do you travel from the crossroads, from gate to star and seal?”
He asked with a voice deep and ancient as old Tobrid Well
“Do you hear the years and whispers, fish for them with hook and reel?”
His questions took my mind to places that minds should never dwell
“I know not what you say, old man, but I am half-mad as it is.”
“I need not have you make my ailment spread like jam on bread.”
The man grinned with citrine teeth and replied, “Your reasoning is right, yes, tis.”
“But dreams are all around, and aren’t just for your bed.”
With that he stood, on feet of flax
And tipped his bird-nest hat to me
And melted into candle wax
Drifting on the Samhain Sea
I’m quite sure he was real, as his hat was left behind
I’ve kept it with me ever since, a treasure from that strange day
Where spring, summer, and snow combined
And I met briefly with a man of a kind that will never go away
Broken-legged Man
An odd poem that just sort of came together. I have no meaning behind this, so I would enjoy hearing people's interpretations of it in the comments or in PM's. I hope you all enjoy!
Every family has a trait specific to them, whether it be skill, a certain eye or hair color, etc. I've been told that I have my Grandmother's cheekbones and my Father's smile, which is pretty normal. What I didn't expect to inherit was a talent that seems rather mundane; opening doors.

It started when I was a kid in Mrs. Branston's kindergarten class. For our good behavior at an assembly, we were promised pieces of taffy from the closet which held snacks and other treats Mrs. B had accumulated. We all lined up and waited with bated breath, grubby hands held open, puppy-dog eyes cranked up to full power. Mrs. B, standing at the head of the line, fished an old rusty key from her pocket and inserted it into the lock. she slowly turned it and our ears homed in,expecting the satisfying 'click' of the door unlocking. Instead, we heard a horrid 'snap' as the old key broke and fell to the floor in pieces. Immediately the tears started flowing and disappointment permeated the air. I, frustrated at not having a sugar fix, ran to the head of the line and started pounding at the door like a crazed maniac. I eventually gave up, and leaned up against the door, a heap of sadness. As soon as my body touched the door, it opened. Just, flew open. My teacher, puzzled, shrugged and handed out the candy like nothing happened. My classmates regarded me as a hero. And I was just confused.

Nothing like that happened again for years, that is until I hit my teen years and those "incidences" started occurring with more and more frequency. I also noticed that I had a knack for finding doors that I had previously thought non-existent, those that were bricked up, those types of things. This talent helped me out considerably whenever I wanted to sneak out. I also attracted some rather...unwanted attention. I was coming home from a night with my friends when I first saw them. A van full of people in dark sweatshirts. Their hoods covered their faces, and their windows were wide open despite the heavy rain that was pouring. Something about them instantly unnerved me, and my pace quickened. Right away the car started moving after me, crawling like a beetle before zooming right up to me. I dropped everything and ran, all the while hollering for help. Now, imagine if you will, you are a young, tomboyish girl on an empty street at night being chased by a car full of mysterious figures. I'm pretty sure that you'd agree my reaction was justified. I thought I just might make it before I tripped on a bag of trash some ass had left just lying there in the dark. Scrambling to get up and wincing at my scraped palms, I was grabbed by the arm and wrenched backward. The bite of cold steel handcuffs enveloped my wrists and I was suddenly pinned onto the wet ground by several pairs of hands. A needle flashed in the darkness and I struggled even harder. Right as it was about to pierce my skin my skin, another group of people, this time brightly dressed, burst from the darkness. In a whirl of activity, I was up and holding hands with a young man, running. "Who are you? What the hell is going on?!" I asked, panting. He turned to me and smiled in a way that calmed me, icy blue eyes shining. "You can call me Matthias. But all the others just call me Map. As for what's going on, they," he gestured with the back of his head, "Are after you, as well as all my kick ass friends back there. And they aren't the only ones." "Why? I didn't do anything..." "You have a gift. And they all want it. Be it for petty criminal activity, military crap, or weird cult rituals, they'll find a way to use you. Damn bastards already took Lock last week...Listen, I'll explain later, just follow me." " can I trust you?" He paused and looked me, eyes softening, before simply saying the following: "A map can only lead you off track if you read it wrong. Luckily for you, I'm an open book."
Skeleton Key.
Once again I wrote a prompt on Reddit this time involving a living skeleton key, or master key. I hope you enjoy! Please don't plagiarize ut feel free to message me or comment!  
Mama used to tell me about when the parasite first appeared. I wasn't born yet, so all I can do is rely on the first-hand accounts, Mama's stories, and the stuff we learn at school. Apparently, in the year 2024, people just started passing out and not waking up until months later. Doctors at first thought it was some sort of severe narcolepsy or exhaustion, but that didn't explain why it spread so fast. On any given day you could see a person yawn and drop to the ground in what appeared to be a dead faint, and then the people next to them would go down like dominos. I always thought it was kinda funny, seeing people just fall like game pieces, until we read about the Drifter One Incident. One boy who had fallen with the sickness and was being cared for at a quarantine station in NYC somehow disconnected himself from all the needles and wires he was hooked up to and sleep-walked right through the streets and into the New York subway system. Everyone he passed fell. Some were lucky, curling up into fetal position on the sidewalk. Others fell right into oncoming traffic or on subway rails. They never did wake up. The boy died after falling down as escalator, never once knowing the carnage he had caused.
After this tragedy,panic spread and people were told to stay in their homes for weeks as scientists worked round the clock to figure out what was happening. "Everyone was scared. People were actually wondering if it was a conspiracy designed by all the coffee chains of the world so that people would buy in bulk." Mama confided, popping a caffeine cube into her mouth. "Starbucks was the ultimate suspect. People started burning them, rioting, looting all the pumpkin-spice crap and cups-o-Joe they could find." Before too long, it was discovered that the disease could be passed to unborn babies and the whole world was infected.It seemed like the end of days before Dr. Heather Jermaine discovered the parasite. It was a tricky little bugger that bonded to the DNA, draining energy for 3 months of the year. This forced the body to go into a hibernation state, though sleepwalking could occur in rare cases. Worldwide the government set up hibernation stations and gave out trackers that were embedded into the wrist as an infant. They would scan the blood daily and check when the organism was supposed to become active once more, ending the possibility of another Drifter One. As we slept we were watered and fed intravenously, and were strapped down to prevent sleepwalking. Those with jobs that required constant wakefulness, such as the president, were connected through a network to robotic bodies as they slept, meaning they could always be in control and act. Mama says it was creepy at first, seeing this doll-like thing give the state of the union instead of organic flesh and blood, but they all got used to it. I grew up with all this stuff, so it just seems like routine whenever I have to go to the station and sleep, so its hard to imagine what it was like before. It just seems odd and unnatural that we used to be up and about all twelve months of the year. But that's what everyone says, and I can't prove otherwise. And I also wonder about the parasite. Where'd it come from? Why? I got nothing. Perhaps the only clue is the fact that I noticed the symbiotic organism inside me is shaped like a two-tailed mermaid, which seems so familiar, but I can't put my finger on it...
I wrote a prompt on reddit about what if humanity hibernated and got a whole bunch of replies so I decided to write my own story. I hope you guys enjoy it and don't be afraid to comment.
When logging on to Deviantart today, I was greeted with a message speaking of something called thoughtArt. When I experimented, I found that most of the art conjured up was merely an elaborate April fools joke (much to my disappointment) However, something eerie happened ; One of the pictures called "a season without hope" , now in my gallery, was similar to something I had drawn and deleted, almost as if the pic was dragged from the depths of my recycle bin  . I had also dreamed of the title as well. Creepy.


Jacqueline Goldblatt
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I was born and raised in the United states, and have always loved Anime and Manga.The Very first anime I ever watched was Neon Genises Evangelion, and I was hooked ever since.I also enjoy Manga and have been published in a magazine. I love writing poetry and short stories, and being a part of the Deviantart community is like a dream for me

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