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"Take me away." said I to the wind
The Cheshire-like moon just laughed  and grinned
The wind whistled and told the moon to hush,
and asked why I was in such a rush
"I long for wisdom" I replied
trying not to sound snide.
"Knowing too much can drive you mad,
just stay home and be a good lad"
"We are all a little insane"
I remarked with disdain
The moon beamed  and the wind sighed
while the birds chirped and the cicadas cried.
"Talk to Old Man Shadow," revealed the moon
"  You will  know he's there when you hear the cry of the loon"
"Who is this man?" I pondered aloud
The moon didn't answer, just handed me a shroud.
"Use this only if you must, for if he touches you, you will
turn to dust."
"What is it made of?" I said
"The  voices and songs of the dead"
Whispered the solemn wind
and the moon who no longer grinned.
I wrapped the shroud up around my waist
and decided to leave post-haste
"You will find him at sky's end,
where the  darkness twists and bends."
Said a grave looking  little bird
who then flew off without a word
"Well then , wish me the best"
I said as I began my quest.
The wind proceeded to call me a fool
While the moon called me as stubborn as a mule.
But I knew things would turn out well in the end,
For Lady Luck was my friend.
Enlightenment's Quest
Thanks to all who have shown interest in my work recently! You guys have really urged me to get those creative juices flowing. And since I am searching for more inspiration, here is a poem about a fellow searching for knowledge at any cost. Just as a precaution, please do not attempt to claim this as your own, this is my work and I will guard it like a dragon and its pile of gold. ROAR!
Little winter flake
Drops silently to the Earth
Will it Melt on time?
The sheets are dirty, the windows covered in dust and phantom fingerprints,
And she sighs, and sits, and waits
As the rain drips down and seasons change, she looks at sepia letters hoping for hints
To her children’s fates
The war is over, but they haven’t returned,
This fact she truly hates
But all she can do is hope and sigh
And sit and wait.
The viewpoint of a hopeful mother during a long-over war
Inside of our bodies there are two seeds
But they are not the usual lilies and leads
Each of them grows a unique bloom
Each with a distinct perfume
One is a bright pink flower
That never looks gloomy or dower
One is a small decaying weed
That barely grew from its seed
Naturally you’d be attracted to the one in pink
But things are not as you might think.
The one in pink is infested with mites
While the weed grows into one more beautiful than the brightest lights
What do these flowers represent?
The pink represents lies, and how the truth has been bent
The weed represents the truth, in its many forms
Although they may be as appealing as a variety of dangerous storms
So which seed will you let grow?
For you reap what you sow…
Honestly, I was just looking through old files when I found this. I think its one of my weaker works, but still worth putting out there. Hope you enjoy it!
The subcutaneous being that flows through our bloodstream and worms its way into our heart
Laying its eggs and waiting for the loneliness to start
Cracking their shells along with the spirit, the hatchlings take control
Causing misery and driving towards a horrid goal
They whisper sweet nothings in your ears
Then twist it all into your greatest fears
Inspiring paranoia and madness as they go
Fracturing the subconscious to and fro
Your only line of defense
Is to put in your fifty cents
Make your opinions known, open up a bit
Express yourself, don’t just sit
Around all day, wasting life away
Fill the empty space up with love not misery
Once you do that, you will truly see
That happiness doesn’t come in a bottle or can
It comes from your fellow man
An old work of mine about how emptiness affects us. Please comment and let me know what you think! Also, please do not plagiarize.
When logging on to Deviantart today, I was greeted with a message speaking of something called thoughtArt. When I experimented, I found that most of the art conjured up was merely an elaborate April fools joke (much to my disappointment) However, something eerie happened ; One of the pictures called "a season without hope" , now in my gallery, was similar to something I had drawn and deleted, almost as if the pic was dragged from the depths of my recycle bin  . I had also dreamed of the title as well. Creepy.


Jacqueline Goldblatt
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I was born and raised in the United states, and have always loved Anime and Manga.The Very first anime I ever watched was Neon Genises Evangelion, and I was hooked ever since.I also enjoy Manga and have been published in a magazine. I love writing poetry and short stories, and being a part of the Deviantart community is like a dream for me

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